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Do You Feel Blessed ?

Good Morning.

Before I start working, I want to ask, who is blessed here and who feels they aren’t. You can DM me and I can tell you a million reasons why you are blessed.

As a life coach, not only can I teach you how to obtain goals, peace and happiness but I can help you grow spiritually as well.

We will establish a business relationship and a friendship.

As I share my personal life with the world and with you; I will explain how and why I remained faithful to God throughout many unexpected losses, painful experiences, and a difficult past. I’m very blessed even without a home and I want to teach you how you can remain blessed even during the most painful experiences.

Example: My home was destroyed on Feb 16 and on Feb 18 the love of my life passed away unexpectedly. My Dad. if it wasn’t for my Dad’s passing, teachings and upbringings I wouldn’t be a life coach; I wouldn’t be developing a support group for families who lost a loved one due to covid-19. 2. I asked God for 2 years to help me make a decision, sale the house, rent it out, or remodel. I was very unhappy there. 17 years in a house that was never a home. God cleaned up. I call it a baptism. New House coming. we must remember “Not our time but God’s time.” we must remember, many things dont make sense such as death, or the actions of other, but it will in time. Grief= so much love you want to give but you can’t. I’m currently working on a Book “From Darkness To Light.” Its a very raw and deep personal story that will take you on journey from the pit of Hell to being set free. You can read a few chapters on facebook @ trulabeingthelight.

I have experience in the following:

-spiritual growth

-relationship growth

-career growth

-coping with depression/suicidal ideation

- coping with divorce

-helping victims of abuse

-self discovery

T Legacy. In Memory of my Dad, who had a heart of Gold. He was the light in every room and he made everyone laugh and had everyone’s attention when he started preaching...words of wisdom.

Services are striclty confidential


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