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Increasing Your Self Esteem

Change negative self thoughts to positive self thoughts. Stop the self criticism. Life is hard enough, be kind to yourself. Become aware of just how often you make negative comments about youself that lessen your self esteem. At the end of each day make a note of the negative comments you made about yourself and make a promise to eliminate these from your thoughts.

Change your language and you will change how you feel about you.

Replace the word "try" with "I will do that."

Replace "I cant" with "I can."

Replace "I should" with "I will do that."

Get Fit

Start an exercise program. Start small but start. The better you look the better you feel about yourself. Check with your doctor or health care provider.

An act of kindness.

You'll feel good and so will other's its contagious.

Surprise a coworker, friend, or family member with a morning coffee, muffin, or homemade treat.

Treat your kids to a surprise dessert.

Mail an invite for lunch, dinner date to a friend.

Take Action

Anxiety and fear can keep you from moving forward and cause you to be unsatisfied with yourself. Try this. Next time you have a task to complete, no matter how small, create an action plan. Write down the answers to What, When, How. Now do it. Successfully completing tasks is a great self esteem builder. You feel good when you complete actions, no matter how small.

Blessings T.

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