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Look Up

When you dive into the unknown without fear, you don’t question it, you just do it. You put your TRUST into your higher power. You turn on your green light and “You don’t slow down for no one”(dad’s words not mine). You don’t sit on the couch and tell yourself, I would like to do this and don’t ACT on it. You must ACT.

The opinions of others do not exist. In fact, upsetting news, delays in your projects, delays in the construction of your new home are dust particles in the wind. Believe in yourself. You’re in control of your own emotions/decisions, you dictate what,and or who will control the two. All we need in this world is 1 person to be our ears 1 person to be our voice and 1 person to push us to our maximum. NAS said, “All I need is 1 🎤 ..” As for me all i need is paper/pen. If in person all i need is 10 minutes with you. 😃 But look up he’s the most powerful.

-Blessings T



From Darkness To Light

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