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Moving from Fear to Authority

The definition of boldness - confidence, audaciousness, fearlessness-gives clear and concise language to who we should be and us undoubtedly prophetic of who we will be. He intends for us to be fearless and we receive this confidence. God knows, and you should too, that boldness and courage are necessary qualifications for the work to be completed. The enemy loves to inflict us with the spirit of fear. The strongholds, you experience while attempting to navigate through life. (Careers, Marriages, Finances, & Self Identity) The enemy may have a roar, but so do we. Without boldness, power of love, and a sound mind, the enemy would easily destroy us because we have been made subjects of the spirit of fear. Fear to leave a toxic relationship, Fear of applying for a new position because we feel we are not capable. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind." I began to walk in boldness. I began to slay giants. I began to speak in public. All of the things I was afraid of begain to go away when I understood Gods perfect love for me. Once he made me whole, i began to give his perfect love to others. Say this to yourself, "I am a lion/lioness, might among beasts and i retreat before nothing!" We must ask God to give us the spirit of boldness to pursue the plans he has established for us to fulfill. Boldness will manifest when we take upon ourselves courage in a greater measure. When we walk in confidence we walk in freedom. And where there is freedom, there is no fear. I love this!! NO FEAR! If fear is operating in your life, you are in bondage. The torment that has been plaguing you, the repeated memories of past failures, those painful events in your life that constantly resurfaces, let them all go. He can free your mind if you let him. He delegated authority to you, and its time for you to rise up and use it. You must exercise your authority, or the devil will wreak havoc in your life and he will run your life. He will run your thoughts. He will train your speech. Its time to take your power back. The devil would love to destroy the very intentions God has for your life, and well, he can do that through the vehicle of fear. "I have given you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you." Remember you have been given, power, love, and a sound mind! A threefold cord that cannot be easily broken. Now, walk in courage, walk in boldness, walk in the totality of all God called you to be - FREE FROM FEAR.



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