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Promoting My Book

One of the most amazing experiences and opportunities I was given. “To be Authentic in front of camera’s” To show the people listening/watching I suffered multiple losses back to back; I lost everything once in my past; I suffered trauma from my past and i’m finally disclosing it all for the first time. I too know first hand about Addictions, Abuse, Suicide, Alcoholism, Loosing Self Identity Bi Polar, The aftermath of sexual abuse; and I broke those chains. In one of the pictures above you can see the facial expression in my face how difficult it was to read Chapter 1. Chapter 1 means so much to me !! It was the only Chapter my Dad had the opportunity to read. It was the Chapter my Dad shed a tear because he said it reminded him of himself; it was the Chapter he said, “this is really good keep writing, It was when i said Dad when i publish this we are going to pop bottles in the limo. Look at me now getting closer to the finish line! Ask me how; and I will tell you; I was asked; what do i do for strength. It’s the same routine i do everyday. I pray. I dig deep in my soul. I close my eyes and open my heart and I trust. Since Then multiple doors have opened for me. I have amazing things I’m coming out with; and I can’t wait to share with you all.

May we all make our loved ones proud by living our life to the fullest and spreading love everywhere we go.

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