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Self Awareness is essential for success in our lives. We need to know ourselves from the inside out. We must develop a clear picture and understanding of our self concept and self esteem.

What is a belief?

A belief is the way you think all the time. Your beliefs started developing when you were very young and continue to this day. It is these beliefs that determine how you respond in everyday situations with family, friends, at work and in the world. Your beliefs are the source of your perceived limits and problems, but they are also the source of joy and success.

Your Self Concept is what you believe yourself to be, your strengths, weaknesses, intelligences. Your self Beliefs started forming shortly after birth with the love and interactions you received or did not receive from a parent or guardian. As you entered school, the biggest social system you encountered at that time, your Self Belief became further influenced. Depending on how you were perceived by the school system, you either strengthened your Self Belief or it weakened.

All of the comments from family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, all of your activities and experiences contributed either positively or negatively to your Self Concept, and created a foundation for later in life.

So right now, who you believe you are is who you are.

All of your interactions and beliefs about your self have created your Self Esteem, the value you place on yourself or how you view yourself at this present time.

Your Self Esteem or Self Love will influence or effect your functioning in work and family, and will impact your success in life. The more positive your Self Esteem the better chances you have of having a happy successful life.

Remember success is always defined by you.

You have the power to increase and grow your Self Esteem/Self Concept

-Blessings T

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