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The Loss of My Daughter

During the Holidays of 2022, I realized, my firstborn daughter was never going to walk through the front door of the house again. 10 months have gone by and I still did not process what happened to her. January 3, 2023, marked 1 year. ALL of her future plans, all of our future plans, her little sister will never have her big sister around anymore. My little girl will now be the only child. Grief, it never goes away. However, each day in passing I am also learning the unlimited amount of power LOVE has. My daughter has opened a new portal for me. A portal that can be described as painful once entering and then beautiful. We all can experience this new portal when we open our hearts, our mind, and believe in our high power. When we truly analyze the years one has spent on earth, the obstacles, the why's, the outcomes, the consequences, rewards, every interaction we have had with one another, our movements, life starts aligning, even in the most painful...when the heart stops beating. On April 3, 2023 Iliana Arie Velez would have 21. We were supposed to go to Vegas together, but now I am having Vegas come here. In her honor I will be hosting an event, proceeds earned from the raffle will go towards the expenses of traveling to San Marcos for her case. Iliana attended Texas State University, majoring in Architecture and Design. She graduated from Mayde Creek High School, earning over 30 track medals often placing 1st. Iliana was District Champ in Katy ISD and was a self-taught musician. She loved the piano. May my beautiful daughter continue to inspire the many friends she had in every city. May every parent who has lost a child be comforted by loved ones.

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