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You Have A Purpose Even When You Are In Pain

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The person felt she didn’t have a purpose among other internal battles.

she didn’t want to elaborate on much and that was perfectly fine. Here are a few things I told her and I want to share this with you all and the world.

It doesn’t matter what your title is/position you hold Director, CEO, employee, a title is irrelevant on planet Earth. We are all human, We all have a purpose, we all have feelings and when we suffer we suffer in silence. I’m here to tell everyone don’t be ashamed don’t feel guilty because even the CEO cries, even the Mom feels completely alone when her kids are taken away. The Young beautiful lady drinks herself away every night because the nightmares of being sexually abused torture her. The beautiful prostitute didn’t have parents; they disowned her because of her pregnancy due to her culture then beat by her ex husband, now she’s on the streets and now i sit and talk to her over a meal.

Let’s talk pain together and you will see there’s millions out there just like you.

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